Del Monte Prepares for Suit Against Oregon

Aug 30, 2011   
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On August 29, 2011, Del Monte began taking steps to sue the State of Oregons Public Health Authority (PHA) and one of its senior officials. After suing the FDA last week, the company filed a notice to sue letter, alerting the State that it will be pursuing legal action in relation to allegations of tainted cantaloupes. According to Del Monte, Oregons PHA and its officials had insufficient evidence to link Del Monte cantaloupes to an outbreak of Salmonella Panama.

We previously reported on Del Montes suit challenging an import alert issued by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to Del Monte, the FDA placed an Import Alert on all cantaloupes being imported from Guatemala because of the possible link to a salmonella outbreak earlier this year. As alleged by Del Monte, the Import Alert was unlawful because the Agency had insufficient evidence that the cantaloupes imported from Guatamala were contaminated. While Del Montes arguments against the State of Oregon are expected to be similar to those made against the FDA, the notice to sue letter is just the first step in what could become a long legal battle concerning the allegedly tainted fruit.

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