How to safeguard your patients and staff: Navigating PPE and the COVID-19 testing landscape

May 21, 2020   
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About this webinar

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 02:00 PM (ET)

As physicians continue to navigate the COVID-19 landscape and beyond, our “new normal” requires new practice workflows, higher demands for personal protective equipment (PPE), and increased testing of both patients and staff. With many new testing kits and medical devices on the rise, we’ll call on two experts — one in med-legal, and one in data-driven product distribution and consolidation — to weigh in.

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  • What is an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)?
  • What products have EUAs?
  • Testing 101: What are your options, what to look for, and current FDA guidance
  • FDA’s current regulation of PPE
  • Getting back to work

This is the final webinar of a three-part series, sponsored by, AAOM, IOF, and Regenexx on topics that are front of mind for the community.

Hosted By

  • Jo-An Tremblay – Principal & Founder, Plymouth Medical LLC
  • Andrew Ittleman, Esq. – Founder & Partner, Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph
  • Jessica Nikci – General Manager, Emerging Markets,