General Corporate Matters

Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph’s corporate practice can assist your company with a full range of corporate legal services which can take you (and your company) from the initiation of your business plan through to the daily operation of your now-thriving company.

Our experienced attorneys counsel clients on the various forms of business entities – corporations, LLCs, partnerships, etc. – and provide a comprehensive picture of the business, tax, liability, and control issues that may arise with each type.

Moreover, we are knowledgeable about corporate forms as they are regulated in most of the major states for business formation: Delaware, Florida, Nevada, New York, California, Illinois, South Dakota, and even Wyoming, to name a few. We have also helped our clients establish corporations throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, in case your corporate needs extend offshore. Armed with this knowledge, we can help you determine the optimal combination of entity type and jurisdiction to meet your business needs.

Once your company is formed, Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph can assist with initial and ongoing corporate governance support in the form of documents, bylaws, and operating agreements as well as board, manager, or equityholder resolutions and meeting minutes. We will work with your founders, investors and equityholders to fashion an optimal capital structure for your organization. We will also negotiate, draft, and execute shareholder agreements, voting rights agreements and other contracts to ensure that the capital structure is properly financed and runs smoothly throughout the company’s life. Finally, we offer a wide-range of contracting solutions for your internal operations to include employment agreements, consulting agreements and the like.

Being a smaller firm ourselves, we are especially adept at advising start-up and smaller businesses in legal issues surrounding the formation and operation of your company. We will work closely with our clients to address equity, investment, management, and control issues. With our other practices areas to back us up (e.g., tax, litigation, regulatory), we can offer these businesses a one-stop solution to all of your business needs.

In addition to this wide range of general corporate services, we can also act as your general counsel handling all legal matters for your company. This type of business-legal arrangement coupled with creative retainer and billing strategies can give your business the peace of mind of having an attorney on staff while not breaking your bank.

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