Corporate Contracts

Commercial contracts are the life-blood of a company. They define, organize and manage the relationships between a company and its vendors, suppliers, customers, and service providers, just to name a few. Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph’s corporate practice has the business acumen and legal experience to ensure that your corporate contract needs are met in an efficient manner.

Because our clients span the globe, our experience in contracting does as well. We understand that an agreement in Romania, South Africa, the Emirates, or Vietnam will have a different tenor, contain different provisions, and achieve different results than the same agreement drafted between two U.S. parties. We take into account cultural differences in the way we negotiate, draft, and execute international business agreements. That is why we have successfully executed client contracts in dozens of countries around the world.

Our “can-do” approach to contracting adds even greater value for our clients. We understand that a contract must not only protect your business from risks and unmanaged liabilities, but must also meet your business needs. Getting to “yes” is in the back of our minds at all times, whether we are discussing business terms on our client’s behalf, or drafting a fair but effective agreement.

We represent successful businesses across a wide range of markets from high tech and life sciences to manufacturing and financial services. The attorneys at Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph have drafted service agreements, distribution contracts, supplier and vendor agreements, marine charter arrangements, and have even drafted agreements for novel business ventures for which there are no industry standard documents and legal concepts on which to rely. Whether simple or complex, we treat each contract we draft as if it were critical to the very success or failure of your business – because it is.

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