State and Local Taxation

Federal income and employment taxes are often the sole focus of many businesses’ tax planning efforts. However, state and local tax liability can sometimes, in total, exceed a company’s federal tax liability. Furthermore, state tax collection efforts and the corrosive effect of state and local tax liability are no less severe. Nevertheless, all too often, state and local tax laws are ignored or neglected, leading to detrimental consequences for the business.

The importance of state and local tax is heightened in an economic climate where many states are desperate for revenue generation. Florida and other states have expanded their examination and collection efforts to generate more tax revenue. On top of this, state and local tax laws can be extremely complex and taxpayers do not have the benefit of the reams of guidance or precedent which exists for federal tax matters. Moreover, for businesses operating in more than one state, difficult jurisdictional and nexus issues often arise, further complicating matters.

In light of these conditions, counsel experienced in state and local tax issues is essential to a well-run business. The tax attorneys at Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph have extensive experience counseling clients facing state and local tax issues, particularly relating to Florida sales and use tax.

Our representation of businesses has included counseling clients through audits conducted by the Florida Department of Revenue and taxing authorities of other states, engaging in administrative appeals of state tax assessments and, if necessary, litigating in Florida state courts and other state courts nationwide. We also offer our clients tax planning services, allowing them to prevent state and local tax issues from ever arising.

More specifically, our tax attorneys have experience providing business clients guidance in the following areas of state and local taxation:

  • Representing businesses in state tax audits, administrative appeals, and refund procedures;
  • Advising clients regarding the potentially tax-exempt character of real property based on the nature of the property’s use;
  • Advising clients regarding the multi-state tax consequences of interstate business efforts;
  • Review of sales and use tax compliance based upon existing or proposed business operations;
  • Advising clients facing collection actions by the Florida Department of Revenue and taxing authorities in other states;
  • Taking advantage of state and local tax credits; and
  • Structuring sales transactions so as to ensure tax-exempt treatment.


As with all of the services offered by Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph, clients that engage our firm to handle state and local tax issues can expect efficient, prompt, and thorough service. Our firm’s ideal size and extensive experience in this area is the ideal combination to handle the state and local tax issues your business faces.

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