FDA Food Protection Plan

Apr 16, 2008   

FHI Briefing on Import Prototype Proposal: Accreditation of Global Compliance Verification Services

“The prototype proposed by FHI in June 2005 consists of a voluntary Third Party
Verification and/or Self Certification in the United States. The purpose of this pilot
program is similar to that used in the medical device industry to: (1) provide exporters of
food into the U.S. a proactive review process that could yield more rapid admissibility
decisions at the time of entry; and (2) enable FDA to use its scientific and regulatory
review resources for high-risk food products, while maintaining confidence in the review
by third parties of low-to-medium risk foods as well as certain high risk foods. The
prototype contemplated a program for all food manufacturers. The initial prototype was
formulated as a proposal for implementation as to bottled water.”

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