Mitchell Fuerst Presents Webinar on Year-End Tax Planning for CFOs

Nov 24, 2010   

On November 23rd, Mitchell Fuerst, Managing Partner of Fuerst Ittleman, PL, presented a webinar on “CFO Best Practices for Tax Breaks & Strategies to Capitalize on Before Year-End 2010.” Offered by ExecSense, the worlds largest library of webinars for executives and legal professionals, the seminar focused on the steps that companies and their CFOs can implement before the end of the calendar year to maximize their tax advantages; i.e., to anticipate those tax increases that will be coming in 2011 and to make use of tax breaks that must occur before January 1st.

The list of topics addressed in the webinar included:

¢ accelerating income and postponing deductions
¢ taxable compensation and ordinary dividends to shareholders
¢ distributions of real estate
¢ dividends in lieu of salary
¢ accelerating capital gains
¢ electing out of installment treatment

The webinar detailed the key provisions of the tax code that will be expiring at the end of 2010 and those which will be carrying over into 2011. Mr. Fuerst also focused listeners attention to new reports that will be due to the Internal Revenue Service with a companys 2010 tax filing.

The complete webinar can be accessed for your computer, iPhone, Blackberry, iPod, Kindle or iPad through ExecSense by clicking here.

For a private consultation regarding you companys tax planning or tax issues, contact Mitchell Fuerst, Esq., and the Tax Planning practice of Fuerst Ittleman.