Regenerative Medicine to Grow to a $20 Billion Industry in 15 Years

May 05, 2010   

Regenerative medicine involves the use of tissues, cells (including stem cells), laboratory-made compounds, and artificial organs to treat injuries and diseases. This approach helps repair specific areas of the body, often without the need for traditional, invasive surgery. For example, research is being conducted to use stem cells to replace cardiac tissue in patients with congestive heart failure. Currently, bone morphogenetic proteins, or BMP, which are genetically modified human proteins that spur bone growth, are being used to help vertebrae fuse back together after certain spine surgeries.

The science and technology of regenerative medicine is expanding at a rapid pace. The current market for regenerative medicine technologies now stands at $1.6 billion, but experts predict that this market could swell to $15-20 billion by 2025. Regenerative medicine is growing so rapidly because it is more efficient and effective for both physicians and patients who will undergo fewer steps in surgery and other medical procedures. Regenerative medicine is growing around the world, with the top five producers of regenerative medicine research coming from the United States, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, and China. China, specifically, has seen a jump in regenerative medicine from 50 publications in the year 2000 to over 1,000 in 2008.

Virtually every sector of the medical and biotechnology industries stand to expand alongside the worldwide market for regenerative medicine. For instance, the medical device industry will benefit from and aid in regenerative medicine with the development of “delivery systems” for these cellular and other therapies. The delivery systems, such as catheters and similar devices, would allow physicians to repair specific areas of the body with site specific implantation of tissues, cells, or other tissue or cellular-based products. In addition to the domestic demand for delivery systems, this worldwide growth provides a global market for domestic medical device manufactures who can export their devices to meet the needs of foreign regenerative medicine markets.

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