South Carolina Tax Preparer Fabricated Returns and Directed Refunds to Bank Accounts She Controlled

May 11, 2010   

Dorothy Lee Anderson of Hopkins, South Carolina was permanently barred by a federal district court judge in Columbia, South Carolina from preparing federal tax returns for others. The court found that Anderson, operating under the name “DL Anderson Tax Service,” fraudulently prepared and filed tax returns using individuals names and social security numbers without their assent, authorization, or knowledge. These fraudulent returns generated substantial tax refunds which Anderson deposited into bank accounts she controlled. The court found that Anderson deposited more than $290,000 in fraudulently obtained refunds and then absconded with over $220,000 of these funds for her personal use. After being tried, the court ordered Anderson to provide her customer lists to the government and mail copies of the court order to her former customers.

The Justice Departments Tax Division has obtained more than 465 injunctions over the past decade to stop tax fraud promoters and tax return preparers. Before hiring a professional to handle your financial records, be sure to inform yourself of their credentials.

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